When a person says that only an immoral Kazakh girl can marry a Chinese, he or she thereby makes it clear that the Kazakhs are higher than the Chinese.

     From the ethical point of view, this is immoral as it is nothing but chauvinism.

     And from the legal point of view, it is against the law, as it falls under Article 174 of the Criminal Code, which says that the incitement of national discord, as well as the propaganda of citizens’ superiority on the basis of nationality committed in public or through the use of mass media is punished with a restraint for a period of two to seven years, or imprisonment for the same term.

     I will keep repeating that there are no good and bad nationalities. There are only good and bad people. And these people can be found within any nationality.

     You cannot love or hate a person just because he or she was born Chinese, Russian, Kazakh or American. Coming to the world, he or she has not done anything good or bad. How can he or she deserve hatred or contempt?

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