There is a huge difference in the sensations and behavior of the person standing on the platform, and the person standing behind the scenes.

     When you are in the center of attention, when every word of yours, every gesture under the close attention of hundreds of eyes, your brain is in great tension. It hampers your movements and speech. You fall into a deadlock, you stutter, you cannot find the words, you start talking not all what you wanted.

     In addition, quite another thing when you are in the background. You are calm, collected, concentrated. Your brain works fine, thoughts flow smoothly, consistently and logically. All because you are not in the spotlight. You look at the speaker on the platform and you cannot understand him. What about him? We also worked with him. He almost knows it by heart. What is he babbling about?

    The most interesting thing is that as soon as you get out from behind the scenes to the podium, you immediately change roles with the previous speaker. You suddenly become constrained, tongue-tied, and clumsy. You do not recognize yourself. For a minute ago you knew everything, you could clearly state everything, and suddenly you were speechless. And the previous speaker, who could not connect a minute ago two words, moving away from the center of everyone’s attention just a step, suddenly becomes relaxed, eloquent and irresistible.

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