I remember I had one bully in my class. He did not like high achievers and activists. Because of this, I often had to fight him. At that time I thought: “It would be nice if he were transferred to another class or another school.” It seemed to me that this was the solution to my problem. But he was not transferred anywhere, and I had to live with it, find ways to coexist with someone who disliked me.

     Later the story was repeated in the university, in the army, and in the civil service. Everywhere there were people who irritated me, I was not welcome. I wanted them to be transferred somewhere, taken away from me or, in the blog language, banned me. However, this did not happen, because they are all the same people as me. They are the same members of our society, whether I like it or not.

     Then, because I also annoy someone. Someone probably would like to get rid of me.

     Therefore, basically, I do not “ban” anyone. It would be easy to remove the displeased, leave only friends around and forget about the existence of opponents. However, in life it does not happen.

     If you want to live in the real world, learn how to get along with friends, and with trolls.

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