I divide all waiters conditionally into 4 types: “gentlemen”, “servants”, “robots” and “friends.”

       “Gentlemen” behave arrogantly, they talk unwillingly, through their teeth, have an impenetrable face. In the past during the Soviet Union, with the supremacy of sellers over consumers, majority of the waiters was like that. Now they are extremely rare, except in very pathos restaurants, if you go there in jeans and a T-shirt.

       “Robots” are clear and uncompromising executors of instructions. They do not smile a lot, do not approach the client without the need, but they do their work perfectly. Usually they are melancholic and even sometimes indifferent.

       “Servants” are waiters with all their appearance showing a willingness to serve you and fulfill any whim. They are fast, nimble, smart, obedient. I saw most of these waiters in Shymkent. This is a sign of high competition in services and a fierce struggle for customers.

       “Friends” are waiters who behave with clients as close friends. They can smile at the client, talk about the weather, pat the child’s client on the head or even treat him with a candy. “Friends” do not feel themselves to be servants of clients, nor gentlemen. They behave as equals. Most of such waiters I met in Europe, especially in small family restaurants. There not only the waiter, but the owner himself can go out into the hall, go to any table, chat with the customers, tell the latest news in the town or a fresh anecdote.

      And what type of waiters do you like?

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