There are different types of wives. I would mention out the following 10 types of wives in their relationship with their husbands.

       1. Wife-companion.

       This is a wife who is engaged in one thing with her husband, shares his views and actions. In difficult times she can even replace her husband in his post.

       A typical example of such a wife is Hilary Clinton, undoubtedly a strong, charismatic personality, not inferior in this respect to her husband.

       2. Deputy wife.

       Just as the wife-companion shares the views of her husband and is his support in his work. However, the deputy wife does not have her own ambitions and always keeps in the shadows.

       As an example of this type, we can quote Nadezhda Krupskaya, wife of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

       3. The wife-guru.

       Such a wife is a spiritual teacher, the mentor of her husband. She may not share his views, do not understand his affairs, but she shapes his moral views, takes care of spiritual growth. Such wives of the great generals stopped them from revenge and deceit, instilled in them mercy for the enemies and the fallen, shielded them from the worst deeds.

       4. Wife-muse.

       This is a wife who may not have deep knowledge and high moral qualities, but her very existence inspires the creative husband to achieve great achievements.

       A vivid example of the wife-muse is Gala – the wife of Salvador Dali.

       5. Wife-administrator.

       Such a wife takes on the whole economic and organizational aspect of family life, without encroaching on the dominant role of the husband in the family. She manages the joint budget, makes decisions about purchases, organizes joint trips. The administrative wife completely frees her husband from domestic trouble, giving him the opportunity to engage in creativity or other important work.

       6. Wife-brooby.

       This is a wife who is intellectually and spiritually far from her husband. She acts as mother and domestic servant. She prefers not to interfere in her husband’s affairs, treats them with fear and reverence or simply with detachment. Her main purpose in life is giving the birth and upbringing children, keeping in order at home and creating a warm, cozy home.

       7. Wife-doll.

       Such a wife does not possess a deep intellect or high spiritual qualities. She’s just beautiful. Her beauty is her only wealth, which she skillfully uses. She is flirtatious, capricious and fidgety. Her husband endures all these qualities for the joy of owning this beauty and pride in front of others.

       8. Wife-parasite.

       Such a wife treats her husband as a source of her own well-being. She considers it his duty to work tirelessly and bring income to the house to satisfy her whims. She herself does not work, she considers it below her dignity, spends her time on grooming herself, on communicating with her own kind and letting dust in their eyes.

       9. Wife-hard worker.

       The toiler earns bread for sustenance of the family, works day and night, so that the husband and children are dressed, shod and nourished. But at the same time, the working wife observes the etiquette established in the patriarchal society and formally recognizes the supremacy of the husband in the family. She demonstrates humility to her husband in public, inspires respect for her father, although everyone around her knows that in fact she is the main one in the family.

       10. Wife-Commander.

       This is the wife of the henpecked husband. She holds a high position or has a high social status, while her husband is in her shadow. She is the main source of income in the family and does not hide it, publicly demonstrates her dominance, often psychologically hurts her husband.

       It should be noted that no wife is constantly in one single role. Most often, several roles are combined in one wife or alternate. But the basic line of behavior still remains within one of the described types.

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