Today a friend told me a story.

             Yesterday the class teacher of her daughter, who is a school-leaver, called her to school. She invited her to the office, closed the door and very confidently informed my friend that they had managed to come to an agreement with the curator from the strict law enforcement body, who would monitor the UNT, that he would turn off the mobile phone jammer at the right time and go out to have a cigarette. The teacher looked very happy. But for this it is now necessary for all parents to chip in and “thank” the curator. When my friend said that she will give no money to anyone, and her daughter will pass the UNT on her own, the teacher was shocked and disappointed. At the UNT, nobody can be confident, she said, seeming offended.

             The story didn’t end there. This morning, the school-leavers were summoned to school, and there the principal of the school was speaking before them. Do you know why she called them? To inspire them to passing the UNT successfully and defending the honor of the school? Wrong. Although the honor of the school was mentioned, it was put in a completely different perspective. The principal taught her students how to… cheat. Yes, that’s right. How to cheat. Apparently, she believes that this is the way the students should defend the honor of the school.

            My friend’s daughter, being a little bit idealistic, was shocked. Teachers teach us to deceive, she told her mom in confusion.

            I am shocked, too.

            What is happening to our education system?! Where are we going if teachers may not teach students for 10 years, but just bribe the controller and teach the children to cheat? And what moral and ethical lesson they give to our children before they join our society? What kind of citizens will they make?

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