I remember how we, Kazakhstani conscripts, got into the training instruction part of the USSR communications troops. It was a motley cauldron: Georgians, Uzbeks, Chechens, Kazakhs, Ukrainians. On the third day, skirmishes began on a national basis. Then there was a massive fight between the Kazakhs and Georgians. The commanders were in a panic, and did not know how to calm us down.

           Finally, the six-month course ended, and they sent us to different military bases. And in military bases there was such a thing as quarantine. Newcomers live two weeks apart from the core group. So they are prepared for “adult life”))).

           So, for this quarantine there were only Kazakhs in my part who came from the training instruction part.

           Guess what happened?

           Right, the Kazakhs began to congregate according to regions. Dzhambul residents separately, Karaganda residents separately, Almaty residents separately. They were at each other’s throats.

           Indeed, a common enemy unites.

           In the absence of an enemy for a short time, the friend will eventually turn into an enemy.

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