I often hear such statements on the Internet: “the West is our enemy. America and Europe want us to ruin. They benefit from the weakening of our country to make it easier to plunder us.”

       Let’s figure it out. What does the West really want?

       First of all, we should recognize that every country wants their goods and seeking their own benefit.         This is not surprising and bad. It’s natural. On the contrary, it would be naive to expect altruism and disinterest from some state. Therefore, I fully agree that the US and the European Union are looking for their benefits in Central Asian countries.

       But what do they really benefit from?

       Should developing countries stop developing and remain poor? That they were poverty and destruction? To was dominated by authoritarian regimes? So there was no democracy? To the extraction of natural resources was not transparent? To rule corruption in the country?

       Yes, indeed, in almost every developed country there are adventurers who like to “catch fish in muddy water.” These risky business people prefer to play Russian roulette and drive in a dangerous and troubled countries to get huge profit or perish. But this is not the bulk of businessmen, and their actions do not correspond to the official policy of their States. That is why we hear from time to time how to prosecute the leaders of certain Western companies for bribing officials of developing countries. Their names frequently appear in the scandalous chronicle.

        But the bulk of Americans and Europeans – not so. The vast majority of them are good citizens with average incomes. The essence of the market and democratic order is that almost all of them are investors and electors. That is, first, with their money they decide where to direct the main investment flows. And secondly, by their votes they form the internal and foreign policy of their country.

         So what benefits are these hundreds of millions of investors who, through banks holding their money, through mutual funds, through private companies whose shares are bought on the stock exchange, scour the world and look for the best places to invest? What are they looking for? Risky investments in the unstable economy of a developing country, where the attitude towards foreign investors can change according to the mood of the sole ruler? Where can oil and gas fields nationalize at any time? Where does any business activity need permission and permissions are obtained through bribe? Where do local authorities force owners to be socially responsible and maintain economically unprofitable facilities?

         Of course not!

         In a free economy, investors will never invest their hard-earned money.

         It is more profitable and easier for private investors to deal with a developing but predictable and transparent economy. Where the law and not respect is the rule (this means that they will not be deprived of their own money because of the corruption of judges), where is the fair competition (which means that the competitors of their companies do not agree with the state Agency and will not receive the illegal advantages on the market).

         Hundreds of millions of small Western investors are ready to invest money in such economy.

         For what? In order to make a profit.

         This profit will be obtained in the territory of a developing country? Yeah.

         Then the money will be withdrawn from this country? Yeah. In the end, every American investor will want to cash out their income, for example, in distant Kazakhstan and buy a house in Florida.

         This is how the West really wants to profit from a developing country. To help this country become civilized, playing by the Western market rules, and only then to profit from it in a civilized way. Without capture, without bombing and shots, without war. Selfishly? Yeah. But we have already agreed above that we will not condemn anyone for being selfish, because it is natural.

          Let’s take a look at it from our side. And it is beneficial to us?

          Beneficial to us to work the law so that business processes are transparent to the stock market functioned smoothly to different currencies easily flowed and flowed to our country attractive for business?

          It seems to me that this fully meets our interests.

          Is it profitable for us that foreign investments come to our country, factories were built on them, and then part of the profit went back abroad? But for God’s sake! Let them take their part of the profit, but their money will be built objects that will remain here forever. On their money will be brought the latest technology. On their money Kazakhstan citizens will get jobs and salaries, and most importantly – experience and knowledge.

          If we are talking about such a” seizure “and” plundering ” of developing countries by the West, then, I think, no one will resist it.

          This is the economic side.

          As for the political side, let us also try to understand the interests of the West.

          It is advantageous if the US and Europe, to Central Asia was a volatile situation? That this benefits the citizens of Western countries?

          Instability in any region of the world leads to an increase in the flow of migrants to prosperous countries, that is, to the same America and Europe. In recent years, this flow has become so powerful that European citizens are already seriously worried, and they are ready to spend money, on the contrary, to stabilize the situation in the East, if only crowds of migrants do not leak into their countries. Not without reason, anti-immigrant sentiments have recently become popular in many European countries.

          Yes, there is a small but influential group of oligarchs in the US and Europe who earn money by selling weapons. Yes, there is a group of politicians close to the military leadership, who are in demand when the international situation deteriorates. But the impact of those and others cannot be overstated. Especially in democratic countries, where there are always alternative points of view that can easily open the eyes of the people.

          Instability in the developing countries in recent years clearly showed the inhabitants of the West, that it can be easily transferred to them in the house in the form of crowds of migrants and terrorist acts.

          Therefore, the vast majority of ordinary Western citizens are interested in stability, democracy, equality and peace in the world. That is, the order of things in which they are accustomed to live, and in which they are happy. No one oppresses or kills anyone, works, produces goods and provides services, belongs to different races and confessions, and coexists peacefully. Such an order they seek to spread throughout the world. And this idea is promoted by the leaders of these countries. None of them will ever say: “Let’s ruin Kazakhstan, and its natural resources will be appropriated and richer!”. In the 21st century, such a policy will not be supported in Western society, because the idea of universal values there is stronger than the value of their own profit (at least, profit on the grief of others). Therefore, the leaders of these countries will not ruin Kazakhstan, but help it to build a life similar to the Western one.

           Another thing is that the Western way of life may not like the residents of Kazakhstan or its leaders. Some people prefer the Soviet way of life, the Patriarchal way of life for some, the Sharia life for some, and the rigid discipline of autocracy for others. But this is another issue of internal self-determination of the people of Kazakhstan. It’s up to us to decide how we live. Here I am trying to prove that the West has no intention of destroying or ruining our developing country

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