In our country there is not a single minister or vice-minister, not a single akim or deputy akim, not a single deputy of the Parliament or maslikhat, who cannot speak Russian.

     But in our country there are many ministers, akims, deputies who speak Kazakh poorly or do not speak Kazakh at all.

     In our country, all meetings in the Government, ministries, Parliament, and most akimats are held in Russian. The maximum that can be done in the Kazakh language is to read out the introduction and conclusion of the report.

     In our country in any store, restaurant, pharmacy, cinema, you can speak in Russian and get a product or service.

     But not in every store, restaurant, pharmacy, cinema there is an employee speaking Kazakh, so a Kazakh-speaking citizen has a risk not to get the right product or service.

     In our country all the main sites function in Russian, so in Russian you can buy any product and service through the Internet, you can get to know all the news in the country first, you can discuss important social problems.

     But in Kazakh it is impossible to buy an apartment on, it is impossible to buy a car on, it is impossible to buy things on

     In our country, if there is even one Russian in the company of ten people, the remaining nine Kazakhs will speak Russian out of respect for him.

     But if in a company of ten people nine people are Kazakhs, the only Russian will not speak Kazakh out of respect for them.

     So which language is being infringed in Kazakhstan?

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