When people hear about the achievements of other people, many have a feeling of envy.

       But some people have “black” envy, which strangles them from within and poisons their lives. It whispers to them that they are losers. Then, in their justification, they begin to look for shortcomings in the objects of their envy and with joyful relief find them or come up with them: “Yes, with such a father-in-law, I would also become a billionaire! These Jews have all been seized! She probably knocked out her post through the bed “and so on.

       However, such tactics do not bring them relief or new achievements. Envy that is directed to the channel of not creation, but destruction, does not give them strength, but, on the contrary, exhausts. Such people do not pull themselves up, but try to pull the others down.

       But there are other people. Those who, at the sight of others’ achievements, have a feeling of “white” envy. It gives rise to completely different thoughts in their minds: “If he could, then why can not I? What does he do that I do not do? I have to work harder than he does! I need to try harder! “. “White” envy does not suppress the person, does not strike jealousy and anger, but serves as a powerful motivator for their own achievements. Therefore, such people are happy with other people’s victories and are inspired by their example.

       Do you know a feeling of envy?

       If so, is it “white” or “black”?


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