– Can you tell me, why do you always lash out at Russia and Putin? Why are you so furious with the Russians?

     – Nonsense! I have never had anything against the Russian people. I speak only against Putin’s policy. Russia and Putin are not the same thing. Putin will leave sooner or later, and great Russia will always be there.

     – What do not you like about Putin? You’d better have a president like Yeltsin? Who drinks and sells the country to the oligarchs and Americans? Allowing Russian pride be trampled in the mud?

     – And why do you match Putin against Yeltsin? Is there no other way? Without drunkenness, but also without dictatorship? And after that. Perhaps Yeltsin was not an ideal leader, but with him, Russia gained independence, like Kazakhstan. With him, Russia was an open and predictable country. And now it has turned into a police country and an angry aggressor. Interestingly, the Russians themselves under Yeltsin did not consider themselves a trampled and humiliated nation. Don’t you think that it’s strange that only now, after so many years of propaganda, the majority of Russians suddenly realized that in those years they were humiliated and only now they got up from their knees?

     – Yes, without Putin, Russia would have collapsed? Russia needs a strong hand.

     – Why?

     – Because the country is big, there is a lot of mess, most people are lowlifes. They don’t understand anything except for a severe discipline.

     – So you consider yourself a lowlife?

     – I am not, but most people are.

     – Interesting position. Everyone considers himself to be a normal person, and everyone else is a lowlife. And to keep these lowlifes they want for the rough king to rule. And don’t you think that, it’s just the opposite, people turned into lowlifes only because they were held as lowlifes? Why is the United States, a bigger country in population than Russia, lives with democracy and are flourishing? Why Canada, the second country in the world by territory lives with democracy and is flourishing? How do they manage to control a huge population and a huge territory without dictatorship and authoritarianism?

     – Because we are we. We are different. And our Putin rocks.

     – Even despite the corruption and huge fortunes of the country’s leaders? At least these facts you cannot deny, right?

     – So what? Show me someone without a sin? People steal everywhere. It’s better to have Putin with his team. And let them be billionaires, but we are not afraid of anyone and will not kiss anyone’s ass.

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