In Kazakhstan, every self-respecting agashka (a high-ranking official, a big businessman) considers it his duty to give his wife (daughter, mistress) some business (I call this “wives’ business”).

              In general, wives (daughters, mistresses) open a business in the sphere they deal with the most themselves – beauty salons, fashion boutiques, restaurants, fashion houses, etc. The size of the business depends on the capital of the agashka and the degree of how henpecked he is.

              In most cases, these projects do not have a business plan, that is, they are not created on the basis of economic calculations and marketing research, but after the words “Honey, please” or “Why am I worse than Aliya or Assel?” or “Sweetie, get yourself busy with anything, just stop nagging after work, I’m tired” That’s the business plan.

              The work of the shop (beauty salon, restaurant) usually begins magnificently and promisingly. At first, the hostess herself personally follows the order and discipline.

              But, like any light-headed person, she gradually loses interest in business. She loses vigilance. Accordingly, the level of services is reduced, revenue falls.

              The wives (daughters, mistresses) begin to worry and immediately plunge into business or simply save the situation by the urgent sale of things, discounts and cheaper services. However, they do not count money, so they can reduce prices for goods and services below the payback point. This business can work at a loss and for quite some time, until once on a family “credit committee”, that is, one day at dinner, there are questions like, “You need money again?! How?! And when will you get profit?”. After that, the investor (agashka) finally decides to inquire about the business situation, instructs the assistant to conduct an “audit” and after a week receives a negative conclusion.

              The investor gets mad, urgently takes the business under his control and after some cosmetic refinement sells or “restructures” it (the shop and the goods are sold at a cheap price).

              Well, why do we care? It is not our money.

              But there is a problem with this business. The fact is that next to them there are other shops, salons and fashion houses that were created not using the agashka’s money, but with someone’s own money or a loan. Their owners collected money by small parts, pawned their apartments to start a business, and now the bank interest weighs on them. They cannot work at a loss and sell the product below the cost price, like agashkas’ wives (daughters, mistresses).

              Therefore, when there is a sale of someone’s business in the vicinity, and all clients rush there, ordinary business people cannot sell the goods because of such “competition”, their salons are empty, losses are growing, and there comes bankruptcy and collapse.

              Therefore, dear agashkas and their wives (daughters, mistresses), when you have fun with all that wives’ business thing, please, remember about this!

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