I’m going to say shocking things.

They shock, however, not everyone, but only men who lag behind in their perception of the world at the medieval level. However, oddly enough, there are such among women.

So. If a girl wears a miniskirt, it does not mean that she is a debauchee and that she can be insulted, let go of obscenities, whistle after her and honk the car horn.

Moreover. If a girl put on a miniskirt, came to a disco and drank, it does not mean that she immediately turned into an inferior creature, and now you can grab her hands, hug her, say nasty things.

Farther. If a tipsy girl in a miniskirt agreed to go with someone from a disco to his house, it does not mean that she became his slave, and that this person now has the right to rape her there. Yes, yes. Strange as it may sound for some men, even in this state, and even being at someone’s house, a girl has the right to refuse intimacy. And the words “she came herself” are not an argument.

Do you know why?

Here is the most important thing!

Because she is equal in rights with a man. She is the same person as a man. And she can change her mind about having sex at any moment just like a man.

I understand that it will be difficult for someone to come to terms with this, someone will not be able to get used to this idea for a long time. For them, “she gave a reason”, so she is already “guilty”.

Their bewilderment can be compared with the feelings of the ancient Romans, who would have been told that plebeians could also have rights, or with the feelings of American planters, who would have been told that blacks are the same citizens as they are, or with the feelings of Europeans a century and a half ago, when women’s manifestos led to equal rights for women in Europe.

No matter how difficult it will be to get used to it, but you will have to. Because it’s the 21st century.

P.S. Well, I’ll hammer the last nail into the coffin of obscurantism.

Many will be surprised, but even his own wife has the right to refuse her husband intimacy, and his harassment can be regarded as an attempt at rape. Because the bride does not become the property of her husband after the wedding. She is still an equal citizen of our society.

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