1. The Englishman lives in a small apartment, where there are only necessary things, and if he decides to make a celebration, he invites friends to a cafe or restaurant. Kazakh builds a house thoroughly, with a large number of large rooms. These rooms are used on average three times a year, when guests gather for large celebrations. In the rest of the time, extra rooms and squares are heated, cleaned by daughters-in-law, are maintained in order.

     2. The Englishman is trying to find benefits in everything, he often leases an extra room in his apartment to earn extra money. The Kazakh has a large apartment or house. In addition, he has apartments in Alma-Ata and Astana, where he stops when he goes there on a business trip or have a rest for a couple of days. All the rest of the time these apartments are empty, because the Kazakh disdain to rent them out to someone.

     3. The Englishman buys a small car to make it more convenient to park on the streets, it’s easier to drive on narrow roads, pays less taxes and spends less gasoline. Kazakh buys a huge SUV or a sedan of the executive class, most of the time he drives alone, and does not use the rest of the space of the car for its intended purpose, but solely to demonstrate its financial capabilities, pays big taxes, spends a lot of money on gasoline.

     4. The Englishman buys clothes rarely, but wears it to wear and tear, and then sells at fairs or through an online store. The Kazakh buys clothes a lot, in reserve, mostly at discounts, and basically not what he needs. Then he does not wear these clothes or put them on a couple of times and sends them to the village to his relatives.

     5. The Englishman cooks for himself exactly as much as he can eat, and what he could not eat, will surely eats tomorrow. The Kazakh every time prepares a meal with a margin (what if quests will suddenly come?), eats up to burping, and what is left, gives to the dog or throws it into the garbage.

     6. An Englishman invites to his events a strictly certain number of guests on the list, and orders treats exactly for this amount. The Kazakh knows that any guest can bring his children, grandchildren, nephews, brother, neighbor, so he prepares more places and more treats just in case. Extra food is then thrown away.

     7. An Englishman invites guests not to eat, but to communicate, so the table is usually reserved: one snack, one dish, one drink. Kazakh invites guests to amaze guests with the table’s abundance and feed them to the dump, so the table is full of food, at one dinner up to three hot dishes can be served, excluding snacks and salads.

     8. In the winter, the Englishman saves on heating, so it’s cool in the apartment, and he walks around in the warm clothes. The Kazakh, if he lives in Astana, heats his battery so powerfully in the apartment in winter, so that he covers them with a cotton blanket or holds a ventilator open, and if he does not live in Astana, he still heats the apartment so much, that even in the frostiest weather he wears shorts and a T-shirt in the house.

     9. The Englishman does not have a central chandelier because of the economy, he has a lamp above the table, a lamp above the mirror and so on, so he has light in the apartment only on sunny days, that is, three days a year. The Kazakh has a central chandelier with five horns in every room and bathroom, plus a lamp above the table, a lamp above the mirror and so on. And all these appliances are switched on every evening and every morning.

     10. In the Englishman house entrance to each floor is equipped with motion sensors and switches on the light only when people appear. The Kazakh has a light switched on for a whole night, and sometimes for a whole day. The Kazakh will not go through five extra steps to turn off the light. Laziness.

     11. When the Englishman cleans his teeth, he turns off the tap water so that it does not flow in vain. The Kazakh, when entering the bathroom, immediately turns on the tap water and turns it off only when he comes out of the bathroom.

     12. If the Englishman goes to the toilet for a little need, he would necessarily press a small button on the toilet. The Kazakh can click on both large and small, according to the mood.

     And now the question: which nation is richer and why?

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