– Well, I accept congratulations. From today on, I am the Deputy Mayor.

           – Congratulations, friend! I’m happy for you!

           – Thank you. Well, what ideas do you have? What are we going to do?

           – What do you mean?

           – Well, you have a furniture workshop. Now we’ll think of some kind of competition. It’s surely the time for the akimat (city administration) and other administrations to change the furniture. And then we’ll reach the schools.

           – How is that possible? What about the competitions?

           – Boy, do you hear me or not? I am now the Deputy Mayor. From now on I solve these issues here. Do you understand?

           – No, brother, thank you. I do not play these games. For now you are a hero, but then, when your boss is removed, the whole team will be imprisoned and me as well. I know this Kazakh business very well.

           – What do you mean? Do you know who my boss is? No one will ever remove him.

           – Yeah. I’ve already heard such story from one man. Now I’m his jail visitor. In short, I’m out. I want to sleep well. I’d rather quietly and safely sell my furniture to private traders. And if you will announce a contest then I will come, like everyone else, and will participate on general grounds.

           – But then I do not give you a guarantee that you will win.

           – And I do not need it! God forbid from such guarantees.

           – Well, as you want. There are a lot of willing people. There’s already a queue in the waiting room.

           – I do not recommend you to begin the work with this, my friend.

           – Ok ok. I’ll figure it out on my own somehow. Goodbye!

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