As a practicing businessman and company leader, I can afford to travel the world regularly. Many of my colleagues find this impossible. They believe that business must be managed from an office. I am trying to break this stereotype by my example.

To achieve this, I made two discoveries for myself: first, I realized that perfectionism leads to getting stuck on details, hindering the company’s movement and development; secondly, my idea of ​​an ideal does not always correspond to reality. It turned out that many things can be done differently and still achieve success.

These discoveries allowed me to relax, take a simpler approach to processes, and trust the team more. After that, I developed my formula for setting up and organizing the company’s business without my involvement.

The formula is as follows: good employees plus proper business processes. It is very important to choose good personnel and place them in key positions in the company’s business landscape. Then set the company’s goals, decompose them into tasks, assign KPIs to each task, and assign a process owner. After that, the mechanism starts working on its own, like well-tuned clockwork, and the owner’s task is only to periodically check key indicators. If something is not being done, it signals problems and failures in the system. Then either more precise adjustments need to be made, or the issue lies with the employees, and they need to be replaced or improved.

Any company is a living organism. It either develops or degrades, but it never stands still. The owner will never be able to perfectly adjust all processes, find employees, and leave forever. Changes will occur, and they need to be responded to clearly. Also, as the company develops, the same staff cannot perform the same job for life.

Thanks to this approach, I can travel the world, work, and control the company from different locations, manage my time, and thus my life.

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