Since we put a separate plastic trash container in our yard, my wife has been very careful to separate the trash. Now in our family, not a single bag, not a single package, or even a single label made of plastic falls into the General trash can, but is folded like this into a bucket and thrown into a special container.

I laugh at my wife: “do you know how much plastic garbage our neighbors throw in the common container? Your separate trash is a drop in the ocean, and it won’t save the world.”

The spouse calmly responds: “I can’t be responsible for all people, but what I can do to save our planet, I will do.”

And she was right.

If each of us does not complain about others, does not say that it is useless, but simply puts the plastic in a separate bag and throws it in a special container, the world will become, even if a little, but cleaner and more correct.

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