“Public procurement in our country has become synonymous with corruption.

However, there is another area that is subject to abuse, no less than tenders. This is the procedure for entering the civil service.

It would seem that the procedure for admission to state bodies is described in detail by laws and regulations. They even provide video recording of the interview. Where even more transparent?! But… our people, as they say, cannot be defeated. Invented a loophole in this armor.

The fact is that usually the personnel service of the state body forms a list of questions for each candidate in advance and hands them to the members of the commission immediately before the meeting, i.e. the members of the competition commission ask the contestants only pre-prepared questions. These questions are not published and are not provided to candidates in advance. Apparently, the contestants are supposed to know all the material. So, the trick is that the questions are brought in advance only to certain contestants, who purposefully memorize the answers to them by heart. Accordingly, at the interview, such candidates respond surprisingly well. Very often, the contestant, who previously did not even work in this field, answers to questions, as they say, bounce off the teeth. And the others, who did not know what questions they would get, painfully remember and think about what to answer. Of course, in the eyes of the competition commission, the prepared contestant looks more preferable against the background of the others, gets the maximum points and wins. And even the inspectors will not be able to find fault. In the video, the winner of the contest really shines with his answers.

A clever scheme! Isn’t that right?!

This situation has at least three negative consequences for the country.

First, the requirements of the legislation on civil service are violated and applicants are deceived. The President, the Government, and the Civil Service Agency all claim equal access, open, fair, and fair selection for the civil service, but in reality, thanks to such a scheme, some people can get an unjustified advantage.

Secondly, there are risks of corruption crimes. After all, knowing or guessing about this system, there will be people who will offer a bribe for providing them with questions in advance. And also, knowing how easy it is to do this, there will be someone who will be tempted. At the same time, the Anti-Corruption Agency, as far as I know, does not even consider such a situation as corrupt.

Third, the efficiency of the state apparatus is reduced. Again, we hear from all the rostrums about the creation of a compact, professional and effective state apparatus, but what efficiency can we talk about when the contingent is recruited in this way?

The quick solution to this problem is very simple – to publish a list of competitive questions in advance and ensure their random selection at the interview. Then all participants will know all the contest questions and prepare for them, and no one will know what specific question will get to them. That is, all contestants will be in equal competitive conditions. To implement this decision, even the legislation does not need to be changed, a directive letter from the ADGS is enough. Although, nothing prevents government agencies from doing this without a directive letter. However, no one does this.”

Here is a letter I received from one of my subscribers.

I myself left the civil service long ago.

I would like to hear the opinion of the current officials, is this really the case and can something be done about it?

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