In this life, everything has a price. To get something, you need to give something away.

Millions of fans of Nurlan Saburov were ready to give him their love and recognition. In return, they expected him to act. But he did not commit it, did not condemn the war in Ukraine, and, accordingly, lost millions of fans.

But he got the safety of himself and his family in Russia for the near future.

Did he make the right choice or not?

I don’t think so.

But it’s his choice.

It is impossible to force a person to be a hero. Heroism is the call of the soul. From under the stick, the feat cannot be accomplished, because courage, it either exists or it does not exist.

Can I condemn Nurlan?

I think not. Because I myself was silent when I could and should have said.

Therefore, I look at Nurlan with understanding and sadness.

I don’t admire him because he’s not a hero.

I don’t blame him because I’m not a hero.

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