Do we need to celebrate Victory Day?

     I think that it is necessary. On that day, the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War ended with a defeat of fascism.

     One nation, drugged by a charismatic leader, imagines that it is smarter, stronger, more cultured than everyone else, and can rule the world. All civilized world rebelled against this ideology and proved that in the new history there is no place for ideas of racial or national superiority.

     So should we celebrate the victory of common sense and universal values ​​over the ideology of fascism?

     As for me – without any doubt.

     Additionally, every time we recall the war and all its horrors, we are pushing ourselves and radical politicians away from new wars. This is the meaning of drawing lesson from history.

     Should we be happy or mourn on Victory Day?

     I would not put these two feelings against each other, that are firmly entangled in the association with the victory.

     Yes. We must mourn the loss of heroes and victims of that terrible war. We must remember what huge sacrifice mankind paid for a teachable lesson. We must remember the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom from the rule of the Aryans.

     That is why on this day it is customary to lay wreaths at the monuments to the heroes of the war, to honor their memory with a minute of silence.

     But is it only sadness that should be on this day?

     Should not there be a joy from victory? Even though we paid the price with huge losses, but we won! We live free from fascism, Nazism, racism. Is this not joyful? Our ancestors died for this. Why shouldn’t we rejoice at this victory?

     If to follow the logic of the opponents of the celebration of the Victory Day, then we should not celebrate Independence Day, because on that day the Kazakh Decembrists who initiated our independence died. And in Nauryz you cannot have fun, because since long times ago signified the emergence from the harsh winter, during which the nomads always had victims. And the New Year? Because on this day Jesus was born, that was tragically crucified on the cross.

     Perhaps there will not be a single holiday that would not be associated with one sacrifice or another. But sacrifice should not outweigh the goodness and the joy for which they sacrificed.

     Therefore, I think that Victory Day should be a real holiday.

     Is this our victory?

     There is an opinion that the Great Patriotic War was a war of Stalin’s Communist Russia against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. And that the Kazakhs do not have anything to do with this. And that, they were forced to participate in this foreign war.

     I do not agree with this opinion.

     Kazakhs voluntarily joined the Russian Empire and voluntarily stayed as a part of the Soviet Union. Neither the Imperial Army nor the Red Army declared an aggressive war against the Kazakh nomadic tribes in the classical sense of the word. Kazakhstan was not a colony of Russia. Our themselves entered into an alliance themselves. We can debate for a long time, whether it was right or not, was it beneficial or not. But the fact remains. This was the decision made by our ancestors and the khans that governed them.

     At the time of the invasion of fascist Germany into the USSR, Kazakhstan was a union republic. At that time, the Kazakhs did not wage liberation wars on Russia or the communist regime. We progressed together with the whole country and were an equal member of it (not taking into account some excesses, which need to be discussed separately).

     Therefore, to say that the Great Patriotic War was a foreign war is fundamentally wrong. In the case of the victory of Germany, the Kazakhs, including other nations, were destined to be second-rate people to serve the true Aryans.

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