Recently, I parted ways with a partner. I realized that our approaches to business and life principles didn’t align. The thing is, he’s an entrepreneur in a narrow business sphere. And recently, he got a strong competitor who started “eating up” the market share from my acquaintance by offering better service and a wider range of products.

So, my acquaintance decided not to work on improving himself but to take the easier path. He started involving relatives and acquaintances in law enforcement agencies to “crush” the competitor’s company and force them out of business in this area.

In my view, such approaches are unacceptable. I consider it deceitful and a betrayal of the very idea of free entrepreneurship.

A person who resorts to such measures will someday suffer from them themselves. Others with similar connections will find them, use force against them, direct inspectors, nitpick on something, and push them out of this business. And then my acquaintances won’t be able to defend themselves with legitimate methods. If you use dirty tactics yourself, you have no moral right to protest against their use by others.

We parted ways with this person, and I have no more dealings with them.

P.S. The most frustrating thing is that many people hold the same views as my acquaintance. They consider using their connections in the illegal fight against competitors as normal. And only one thing stops them: the lack of such connections.

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