I often set an example for us, Kazakhstanis, American and European lifestyle. I say how much the order is higher, laws are more effective and democracy is stronger there.

           Some readers perceive this as servility to a specific country the United States or to some of the European countries.

           I can assure you, it is not so.

           I refer to these countries only as positive examples in some issues. But I do not idealize them in any way. People live there too, they also have their own interests and shortcomings.

           For example, I categorically condemn the US operation in Iraq. Evidence of the presence of weapons of mass destruction has not been found, and the leadership of this country has already been destroyed. It is clear that nuclear and chemical weapons were just a cover. The main goal was to overthrow the radical dictator. The goal is noble, but it does not justify the illegal actions of the United States.

            I do not like the creation of the US prison in Guantanamo and the maintenance of people without a court decision there. Even more I do not like that, as it turned out, prisoners were tortured there. This is awful and unworthy of “the bulwark of freedom and democracy,” as the US calls itself.

            There are many more US actions that cause my disagreement and condemnation.

            But another thing frightens me.

            Using the mentioned facts against the US, some propagandists imperceptibly blur the concepts and begin to deliberately associate the negative phenomena in a particular country with democracy as a whole.

           “Do you want democracy? – they say, – then wait for murders by policemen on the basis of race! »

           “Do you want democracy? Then get bombardment, as in Yugoslavia! ”

           “Do you want democracy? Then get ready for color revolutions! ”

            And so on.

           It seems, what a nonsense! What does democracy have to do with the complex of the “world gendarme” of a particular country or the internal problems of one particular state.

          However, not everyone are able to separate the grain from the chaff. Many are guided by a propaganda trick. And now I already see in the comments words like these: “Why do we need this freedom and democracy? They create more problems. We are doing just fine! We do not want to live by other people’s laws! ”

          Is it because of the dislike of the United States that many of us are ready to give up fundamental human values, such as freedom and respect for the individual, democracy, equality of opportunity, equality for all before the law, etc.?

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