Europeans treat their dogs and cats as members of the family, cherish and pamper them, walk with them, bathe them every week, at the slightest concern show them to specialists, and treat cars simply as objects, as a means of transportation.

Kazakhs, on the contrary, treat their cars like members of the family, cherish and pamper them, wash them every week, show them to specialists at the slightest concern, and treat their pets as objects.

Touchiness is a sign of weakness.

Taking offense at Borat for making sarcastic films about Kazakhstan is ridiculous and unworthy of an enlightened person.

In general, touchiness is a lot of weak-willed people. A strong, self-confident person will only grin at a joke directed at himself and move on. He knows his worth, and someone’s sarcastic jab will not shake his self-confidence. If the joke is true, then an intelligent person will learn a lesson from it and correct his shortcomings.

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