Sometimes people surprise: “Why did they appoint this or that person to a high position? For what qualities? After all, everyone knows that he is a superficial specialist, a tyrant for subordinates, an arrogant snob and a despicable person. Can not the authorities see this? “

           And the whole point is that the bosses look at the person from one side, so to speak, from above, and people look at him from below. And these two sides of the official are very different.

          He is very executive, benevolent and courteous before the boss, and quite the opposite before his subordinates. And sometimes the boss does not even suspect the second side of his subordinate. Or, conversely, he knows, but these are those particular qualities that the boss needs to manage people.

          It was interesting to observe how due to personnel perturbation one official, unexpectedly became a subordinate of his former subordinate. At that moment, he tasted all the charm of a tyrant he had grown himself.

         Personally, I trust only one-sided officials, those who behave identically before both superiors and subordinates.

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