Once in Italy I talked to one local guy. He complained that he was given a small car at a service station for replacement.

      “What does it mean to replace,” I ask.

      – Well, I gave them my BMW X5 for repairs, and they give me a sedan 316 instead. Can you imagine? While they are repairing my car for three days, I have to ride this small tight ‘troika’. Actually, it is quite new, but anyway. You see, they did not have a car of my class at the moment. Ugliness!

      – It turns out that while your car is being repaired in the showroom, they give you another car to go for free?

      – Well yes. I have to move somehow these three days. And what? Do not you have it?

      – Well, I do not know. I have not repaired the car for a long time.

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