Ali was born into a poor family. He remembered since childhood, as his parents lived in a rented apartments and barely making ends meet. He also remembered how his father and mother had waited in fear for the rent to be paid every first day of the month, how they had hated the landlord, called him a blood-sucker and a parasite behind his back. And when one day the owner came for money, and there was nothing to pay their large family, the father almost got into a fight with the landlord.

Hiding from fear in the toilet, Ali heard the adults swearing and thought: “Why does this man hate us? We didn’t do anything wrong to him. My parents do their best, raise five children, work from morning to night, but they get pennies. How can parents get money for rent, if they can’t even really buy food?”.

So Ali grew up and dreamed of escaping from poverty. As a schoolboy, he began working part-time at the bazaar as a porter, then as a salesman, then he, a quick, smart guy, was entrusted with managing several containers, and then he saved up for his container. By the age of 30, Ali owned several stores in the city. He bought a house for himself and his parents, and added his brothers and sisters. I took care of everyone.

In order for some of the money to provide passive income, Ali bought an apartment and rented it out.

And then one day, when he came to receive another payment from a large poor family, and they had nothing to pay, he almost got into a fight with the tenant.

Returning home, Ali thought: “Why does this family hate me? I didn’t rob them, I didn’t rob them. I honestly earned my money in blood and sweat. I bought an apartment with them and rent it out. But he could have given it to other people. I could even spend this money. But I bought an apartment and I rent it to them. Is it my fault that they don’t earn enough and can’t pay? What harm have I done to them? Why do they hate me?”

At the same time, a small boy was looking after him from the window of the rented apartment and thinking about something of his own

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