Once upon a time this book made a great impression on me. I still re-read it from time to time. I highly recommend it to those who has not read it yet.

          And for those who has no time to read, here is a summary:

          The main principle of relations with people:

          “If you want to be liked by people, do what they like!”

          Techniques to achieve this goal:

          1. Do not criticize.

          2. Praise (but only sincerely and for something that is worthy of praise; every person has something to praise for).

         3. Smile to people.

         4. Say the name of the interlocutor more often.

         5. Talk about what’s interesting to your interlocutor, not you.

         6. Be a good interlocutor. Listen more, speak less.

         7. Talk about the interlocutor, not about yourself.

         8. Let the interlocutor think that the new idea is his one.

         9. Start an unpleasant conversation with pleasant things.

         10. Formulate your questions so that the interlocutor answers “yes” to them.

         11. Arise such feelings as excitement, desire, ambition in the interlocutor.

         12. Try not to argue, but talk more about what you have in common with the interlocutor.

         13. Put yourself in the place of the interlocutor and look at the conversation with his eyes.

         14. If you are wrong, admit it.

         15. Help the interlocutor to save his face, if he realized that he is wrong.

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