Some of my brothers in arms call for boycotting the Day of the Soviet Army.

          Well, what can I say?

          It seems to me that it is not necessary.

          Yes, this is a holiday of a non-existent army. Yes, there is even no such country at present. So what? We were there. We gave our best two years to the army of the country in which we lived and in which we believed.

          I do not know what about you, but I have nothing to be ashamed of. I honestly served and today I recall those 730 days in boots with warmth.

         Yes, and do not take this holiday as the Day of the Russian Army. This is the day of the Soviet Army. It is also Russian, Ukrainian, Tajik and Georgian holiday.

P.S. Please, understand me correctly. It is not the nostalgia for the USSR, but the nostalgia for my youth and for the friendship of peoples which speaks in me right now. It was really good.

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