Billions of years ago, with the emergence of life on Earth, the simplest living beings initially reproduced by division, budding, fragmentation, spores, and so on. With this method of reproduction, almost any living creature could produce offspring.

Later, through evolution, a more complex method of reproduction appeared – sexual reproduction, that is, the mating of two individuals of different sexes and the transmission of part of their genes to offspring. Species of living beings that transitioned to this method survived and evolved stronger than others.

And it happened not by chance. The division into males and females became the foundation for the most efficient natural selection.

Males chose the best females and sought to fertilize them, while females chose the strongest males and allowed only them to fertilize them. This led to competition. Females enhanced or emphasized qualities attractive to males, such as a healthy appearance, indicating the ability to bear offspring, or a slim waist, indicating an unimpregnated state of the female and readiness for mating. Males, in turn, in the struggle for females, developed the most demanded qualities: physical strength, intelligence, and reliability. These qualities ensured that males could provide food for future offspring and protect them from external danger. And in this struggle, the strongest prevailed. Weak males could not fertilize females, and hence could not produce offspring, and their weak genes died out with these males. Only the genes of strong males were passed on to offspring, with each generation becoming stronger and more perfect. This is why species with sexual reproduction developed better than others and led to the emergence of the “crown of nature” – humans.

This is how natural selection and evolution work.

Why am I telling these obvious truths known to every 8th- 9th grade student?

The reason for this was my recent conversation with my niece, who seriously told me how God immediately created “each creature a pair,” how he created man from clay, and then a woman from his rib.

I am afraid for this generation of our youth.

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