It is not difficult to please the customer.

Just do the following 13 things:

1. Location, location, location! Your restaurant should be located in a convenient place. As a client, I should not suffer from searching a restaurant, driving through and parking a car to eat. There should be parking near your restaurant. Naturally, the exceptions are restaurants located in the pedestrian zone or in shopping centers. I understand that many Almaty residents will say what to should they do with the city akim, who destroyed all parking spaces along the roads. I understand everything, but I can’t help you. I need parking near the restaurant.

2. Make the appearance of the restaurant attractive. I would like to enter the restaurant with pleasure, and even more so invite guests there.

3. Put the administrator at the entrance, so that he would invite you in with a cordial, benevolent smile, as if I were the most welcome guest. I didn’t ask strictly: “Are you expected?” Or “How many people are you?”. This can all be clarified in the course of moving inside. The main thing to welcome is a welcome itself.

4. Arrange a cozy interior. Sometimes I see expensive restaurants with gold inlay and crystal chandeliers, but they are heartless and cold. While it was easier to buy cheap, but soft and comfortable chairs, lay mats, hang pictures, put figurines, etc. (I say this for example, of course, it all depends on the style).

5. Recruit the best chefs. If necessary, bring from another country, but find the best. Still, the kitchen is the main criterion for choosing a restaurant. Without delicious and original dishes, everything else loses its meaning.

6. Waffle waiters.

Firstly, they must be attentive and friendly.

Secondly, they must be agile, must almost run from the client to the kitchen and back. Thirty percent negatives from the restaurant I wipe when I wait for the waiter for a long time to give the order, then for the order, then for the payment. They should not stand near all the time, but at the same time they should appear from nowhere as soon as I turn my head in searching for them with a glance.

Thirdly, they should not walk lazily and should not delve into their phones. Best of all, if they don’t have telephones at work.

7. Train the waiters all the wisdoms of their business. I do not understand how the waiter may not know the ingredients of each dish that he serves; as he may not know the way of cooking. One of my friends, who owned a perfume and cosmetics shop, forced her sellers to learn by heart the composition of perfumes, from what flowers they are made, and where these flowers are grown. Its sellers never stood idle at the counter: either they studied the material, and then they passed the knowledge exam, or they served the customers. This is what I consider a professional approach to my business! Why is it impossible to put a business like that in restaurants?

8. Dress waiters nice and tidy. Sloppy and casual dressed waiters will not add a good impression about the restaurant.

9. Create an adequate background music. We often go with friends to a restaurant to chat. If the music is loud in the hall, we get tired of shouting at each other and go away with the dissatisfaction.

10. Keep the restaurant clean. The theater starts with a hanger, and the restaurant starts with a toilet. I always judge the level of cleanliness of the administrator on the cleanliness of the toilet. If there is dirt, then there is dirt in the kitchen.

11. Love your customers, not treat them as your source of revenue. Respond to their whims adequately. Yield in minor non-fundamental issues. For example, if asked, bring another teapot with boiling water to tea. Or if the dish was not liked, replace it with another. In fact, there are very few crooks who will use such generosity and they will not ruin you, but the rumor, as a very cozy and sincere restaurant, will spread quickly.

12. Do not be afraid of your customers, do not hide in the kitchen or in the office, often go out to their room, talk to them, find out their mood and wishes. Nobody better than those who are deeply slobbered will tell you things you don’t know and that will help you to improve the service.

13. See off your customers like your best friends. Wish them good luck and have a nice day. What else does a guest who had a tight and tasty meal need? Nothing else!

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