• “Boss, remember that customer of our restaurant who came to us for a whole year, and then something didn’t suit him, and he left us for the neighboring restaurant?”
  • “Yes, I remember, what about it?”
  • “So, boss, the neighboring restaurant is closed today, and he came to us for dinner. Shall we serve him yesterday’s vegetables and stale bread for betraying us?”
  • “That’s very foolish, assistant! Serve him the very best we have in our restaurant. And I will personally go out to serve him.”
  • “But why, boss? He betrayed us!”
  • “It’s not his fault that he fell out of love with us, it’s ours. It means we did something wrong, maybe the kitchen went bad, or the service deteriorated. If everything was fine with us, would he have left?”
  • “It’s still upsetting.”
  • “Never be upset with those who don’t love you. Whether it’s a customer, a friend, or a bride. Their falling out of love with you is not their fault. You can’t be angry with them or seek revenge for it. On the contrary, you should treat them well one last time. Then they will remember this kindness, and you’ll have a chance that they’ll return to you someday. But when you spit after a departing person, you don’t increase their love for you. You only burn the last bridges.”
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