FASCISM (ital. fascismo – from fascio – bundle, association) is a totalitarian type state regime. Fascism denies democratic values and opposes them with a rigid order in the state and society. Fascism relies on a political party, which, having come to power, becomes a state-monopoly organization, as well as on the indisputable authority of the “leader”, the “Fuhrer”. Characteristic signs of fascism are chauvinism, xenophobia, that is, intolerance towards “alien” national and social groups, to other values and different views. The fascist regime applies aggressive ideological pressure and propaganda, widely uses demagoguery, populism, slogans of socialism, imperial sovereignty, and the apologetics of war. Fascism finds support mainly in socially disadvantaged groups in the conditions of national crises and cataclysms of modernization.

The characteristic features of fascism are:

Authoritarianism is a type of undemocratic political regime based on the irremovable centralized power of one person or group of persons.

Dictatorship is a form of state government implemented through various methods of violence, in which, in the absence of external control and actual restrictions, power is monopolistically concentrated in the hands of one person or group of persons.

Anti-liberalism is the restriction of the rights and personal freedoms of citizens.

Strict regulation of society and economy. Suppression of dissent and opposition.

Ultranationalism is a form of nationalism that differs in extreme sense and ensures the implementation of the interests of one state or one people as opposed to the interests of all others.

Militarism is a state ideology, politics and mass psychology aimed at building up the military power of the state and aggressive wars as the main tool of foreign policy.

Imperialism (from Latin imperium – power, domination) is a state policy based on the use of military force for various forms of foreign policy expansion, including the seizure of territories, the formation of colonies and the establishment of political or economic control over other countries.

All of the above definitions fully and accurately describe the current situation in Russia.

In this connection, it can be unequivocally stated that Russia today is a fascist state.

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