I’ve noticed an interesting pattern: the flexibility of a person’s body is directly related to the flexibility of their character.

For example, I have a friend who seems like he swallowed a stick. He has a slim and straight body, but it’s difficult for him to bend, lean, or twist: his torso seems to be frozen. His character is the same: he doesn’t compromise, doesn’t allow deviations from the plan, doesn’t like to bend under anyone, and prefers to speak the truth to someone’s face.

I also know a girl who, despite being somewhat plump, is very flexible: she can easily do the splits, make a bridge, etc. She is more accommodating, willing to compromise on many issues, and always ready to listen to the other person and accept their position.

I have a third example as well. Another acquaintance of mine, a girl, was initially inflexible, principled, and quite categorical in her judgments, but at a certain age, she began to change. One day she decided to start practicing yoga and work on the flexibility of her body. Interestingly, along with her body, her character began to acquire flexibility. She became more accommodating, started compromising, and her judgments ceased to be so categorical.

It seems to me that the flexibility of the body and character are closely interrelated.

I am actively engaged in yoga and gymnastics now because I believe that my character tends to be somewhat strict and categorical. I want to correct this and am working hard on myself.

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