I’ll explain why.

The Fund is money collected by citizens and organizations (usually voluntarily, but not in our case) for use for various purposes.

The money is spent by the fund by the decision of the fund’s management and under the supervision of the Board of Trustees.

So, in our case, the money collected under obvious pressure from the authorities will be spent by the decision of Bolat Bidakhmetovich Zhamishev, even if respected by me, and under the supervision of 14 persons, even if they are well-known in the country.

This order of things completely contradicts the fundamentals of the state financial system.

In a normal state, all the money collected from business entities without fail is called taxes, duties and other payments to the state budget. This money is spent on the needs of the people (without loud names “To the People of Kazakhstan”) by the decision of the Government and after the approval of the Parliament of the country, which is elected by the people (ideally). The Government has 20 ministers with a huge staff. Before making a decision on spending people’s funds for certain needs, painstaking work is carried out inside the ministries, data is collected from all over the country. The budget is being developed for three years ahead. Then it is approved by the Parliament, which includes 156 representatives of the people.

So now it is proposed to collect a large amount of money from the pockets of entrepreneurs and distribute them according to the decision of 15 people.

How will these 15 people make informed decisions without systematic deep work? They have neither the competence nor the strength to do this. How can they understand the need of the whole country? To study the situation in each remote village? It’s impossible.

I think that in fact the money will be distributed again on the instructions of one person. Previously, such a person was Nursultan Nazarbayev, and now there will be Tokayev. Again, “manual control”, again one person thinks that he knows better what to spend people’s money on. Twenty-five again!

Most likely, the Fund’s money will be spent on populist goals. President Tokayev needs to gain popularity among the population, so now gifts will be made from the fund to the victims of the January events, apartments will be bought for the most needy, pantheons will be built in honor of heroes, etc.

This is a non-systemic approach.

Over the centuries of the existence of the state, mankind has invented and tested a system of tax collection, budget allocation, and so on. There is no need to invent anything new.

If the president (and most importantly, the people) does not trust the government and parliament with the collected money and tries to dispose of them behind their backs, then it is necessary not to create extra-budgetary funds, but to change the government and parliament.

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