He believes that Ukraine has lost its statehood (and I was naive enough to think that a real war for statehood is going on in Ukraine right now). And he calls the main reason for the refusal of the state status of the Russian language. It turns out that proclaiming the state language of their native language and equating the Russian language with all other languages of the world is the way to the loss of statehood?

From such a word smacks of slavish worship of his former colonizer.

Why should the Russian language continue to dominate our country even after thirty years of independence?

Russians (and even worse, some Kazakhs) perceive the desire of Kazakhs to develop the state Kazakh language in their native country as a humiliation of the Russian language, as chauvinism and fascism?

Nobody is suggesting banning the Russian language (as in Ukraine, no one has banned it). It is only about the abolition of the special privileged position of the Russian language.

Tatar, Korean, Ukrainian, Chechen and other diasporas live in Kazakhstan. But none of them requires a special status for their language in the Constitution. Why does the Russian language so persistently demand special treatment? How is it better than other languages? Only by being the language of the metropolis for many years? Those that belong to the “great empire”?

Well, that’s it. Enough! We have already maintained the special status of the Russian language for too long. For thirty years! Like no other republic of the Soviet Union (except perhaps Belarus, but it has a special difficult case). I think we have shown enough respect to the former “fraternal people”.

I believe that the People’s Congress of Kazakhstan party is worthy of condemnation for such an approach of its leader to the language issue!

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