One of the books that made a strong impression on me.

             For those who have not read it, here are the key points:

             There are no ideal leaders. Because the leader must combine 4 incompatible qualities:

             1. The Generator.

             The leader must generate ideas. He must come up with new directions, set new tasks and heights. Without innovation, the leader will turn any team into a “swamp” and destroy it.

             2. The Executor.

            The leader must be firm enough and purposeful not to rush from idea to another and from one case to another, not to give up halfway. He must be able to bring all the cases to the end and achieve the goals.

             3. The Communicator.

            The leader should be able to get along with people. He must be able to find an approach to every member of the team, and at the same time be able to unite very different people.

             4. The Organizer.

            The manager should be able to build business processes and logistics so that the organization works as a well-functioning mechanism. Without it, there will be chaos and confusion.

            As you can see, the first quality is difficult to combine with the second quality, and the third – with the fourth one.

           The “Generator” is usually charismatic, energetic, but not focused. He cannot be an “Executor” at the same time. Some of these two qualities will prevail in him to the detriment of the other.

           Similarly, the “Organizer” is usually a scrupulous, meticulous bore and cannot be simultaneously a “Communicator”, that is, a sociable guy, everyone’s favorite and the soul of the company.

           Also, a hard and stubborn “Executor” cannot be a good “Communicator” at the same time. Something in this leader will prevail.

          Therefore, the ideal situation is when the management of the organization is a tandem: the first leader is a charismatic person who generates ideas and is able to unite people around himself and lead them, that is, a “Generator” and “Communicator” combined in one person.

          And his deputy is a meticulous, scrupulous “Executor” and “Organizer”, able to debug the work of the team so that all the ideas of the first leader are methodically and reliably brought to the end.

          Of course, other combinations are possible in life, but it is impossible to combine all the qualities in one person and in high concentration.

          That’s why Ichak Adizes says that there are no ideal leaders.

          You must read this book.

          It’s very interesting and useful.

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