Several years ago I went to a meeting with the akim of one of the regions.

       So, I counted four (!) cordons on the way to him.

       The first post was waiting for me at the entrance to the akimat building (by the way, people enter the akimat through the side door, the central entrance is closed and opens only for reception of large guests). At this side entrance there is a revolving turnstile, next to it there is a window through which a policeman looks suspiciously at each incoming person and asks about the purpose of his visit.

       The second cordon is installed in the long corridor of the first floor. There is also a turnstile, next to which there is a second policeman who checks documents.

       Having passed the corridor, you reach the foyer of the main entrance of the akimat. There is a third police post there. There the police do not stop you, just watch you go by.

       Finally, on the third floor, where the akim himself is sitting, the fourth policeman meets you at the elevator and demands to leave your cell phone and other suspicious items on his desk.

       After that you go to the end of the wing and get to the reception of the akim of the region, where a secretary and an assistant once again check you.

      What a vigilance!

      There is just one question: who does the akim hide from and why?

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