I’ve noticed one feature in the behavior of Europeans: intolerance to violations and the corresponding attitude towards people.

       In the morning the girl from the reception desk at the hotel smiled and you gently rubbed your baby’s cheek. But then you were late with the check-out and that’s it. The same girl does not smile at you, looks sternly, talks emphatically politely and coldly.

       Only a minute ago you asked a policeman for the way, and he kindly and thoroughly explained the way to you. But then you break the rules and a good policeman instantly turns into an evil one. He casts an icy glance at you, writing a fine, becomes strict and adamant.

       It feels like, as soon as you break some rule, you immediately pass a line in their eyes. They treated you as a “friend”, and now you’ve become a “stranger”. Violator for them is not a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, as we often perceive hot-rodders and hooligans. The violator is their enemy, the destroyer of order and foundations.

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