I remember, when we lived in Kostanay, on warm days after work, my wife and I always strolled from the Russian Theater along Al-Farabi Avenue to the City Center. Walking, we complained that it is so boring in Kostanay, there’s nowhere to go, while Astana is a different story!

         Then we moved to Astana. In the first few years we studied the city and now we know it like the back of our hands. Sometimes on the weekends we don’t know where to go and complain to each other: such a small town, there’s nowhere to go, and Paris is a different story!

         But once we met an old friend of ours in Paris. At that time, he had been working for many years at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in France. He knew Paris in-and-out. And over a cup of coffee, eating a croissant, he said dreamily: “Paris? Nothing special! There’s nowhere to go. I would now give a lot to walk along my native street in Kostanay.”

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