I have noticed one thing: among the participants of the movement “Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan” many people are fanatically devoted to its leader, Mr. Ablyazov. They admire him, swear allegiance, ready to give his life for him. And this is when he has not yet become the leader of the country, but is just an oppositionist in exile. What will happen if he comes to the power?!

Though people are incorrigible!

Among us there will always be fanatical admirers of variety idols or football stars, selfless soldiers of great generals, loyal slaves of kings and fanatical admirers of the gods.

When will we change? When will we be independent, self-sufficient people who know how to admire, but not humble, follow someone, but do not lick his heels, serve, but do not swarm? When will we stop dividing people into kings and servants, gods and slaves? When will we consider the recognized leader simply the first among equals? When will we respect with dignity, not with self-deprecation?

This is our main problem: not kings, but slaves.

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