I sincerely rejoice and I am proud of the Kazakhstani athletes who have reached the world level.

     But one aspect upsets.

     Apparently there they fall into the paws of foreign promoters and begin to play by their rules. They writhe menacing faces on the screen, gaze intently into the eyes of the enemy, shout: “I am number one! I am the best! I will break everyone! “.

     Personally, I do not like this style of behavior, but I do not know how it is to foreign and Kazakhstani viewers. Modest athletes cause much more sympathy in me if they show results, not worse, but even better than rivals, who “do not grind with the tongue” and do not beat themselves in the chest. Just modestly come and defeat the screamers.

     The standard of this behavior was a friend of mine, an athlete. Very purposeful, it could be said, “stubborn”. He could train all days without days off. But his modesty caused me special respect. Before the competition, if he was asked about the forecasts, he briefly said: “Let’s see” or “The rival is strong, it will be difficult, but I will try.” When my friend lost, he nobly recognized it, even if the surrounding people blamed the judge, and he said: “Today my opponent was stronger.” However, when my friend won, he modestly said: “Today I was more fortunate than the opponent.”

     This way of the style of behavior causes me admiration in me, not the creation of show business, which we see in many foreign competitions.

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