I believe that a great event in the history of mankind took place in May 1945. The world has defeated Nazism in the face of Hitler’s Germany and its allies.

Should we celebrate Victory Day?

I think so. Because on this day, good defeated evil. On this day, the war ended, bombs stopped exploding and shots were fired, people stopped dying. This is a great joy!

Should we forget the tragedy of the Second World War?

Of course not. The war claimed more than 50 million human lives. This is the greatest damage to humanity in its entire history. It is impossible to remember this without sorrow.

But grief for the dead does not cancel the joy of stopping new deaths. We should grieve for the victims, but rejoice in the victory over the perpetrators of these victims.

I believe that the day of the outbreak of war should become a day of mourning for all mankind. And Victory Day should be a day of joy.

Is this our Victory?

More than 600 thousand Kazakhs died in the war with nazi Germany. They died defending their homeland, their families from Nazism, that is, the ideology proclaiming the superiority of the Aryan race over all others. They sacrificed their lives so that their children would not become second-class people, slaves in the service of German masters.

I believe this sacrifice is not in vain.

And in this case, it does not matter in which army the Kazakhs fought: Soviet, American or their own Kazakh. On Victory Day, we celebrate a common victory together with Russians, Ukrainians, Americans, British, etc. over Nazism. This is the victory of all mankind.

Is it necessary to associate Victory Day with the Soviet Union?

I think not. It was not a one-man victory of the Soviet Union over Germany. It was a common victory of several countries over Nazi Germany, and most importantly, over the ideology of Nazism itself.

This victory does not negate the perniciousness of communist ideology. Communism is also evil. It’s just that in that war he temporarily found himself on the opposite side of another evil.

When we celebrate the victory in World War II, we are not proud of the Soviet Union as a great victorious power. We are proud of all mankind who defeated Nazism.

Therefore, Kazakh nationalists who see in the celebration of Victory Day the obsequiousness of the Kazakhs to Russia are mistaken. This is not a worship of Russia and not a commitment to the “scoop” – the Soviet way of life. This is a worship of the feat of the ancestors who saved the world from Nazism.

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