This is how I see the national and linguistic model of Kazakhstan.

       Kazakhstan will remain a multinational state. No one will be expelled or oppressed on a national or racial basis. A person does not choose his or her nationality at birth, therefore nationality itself can not be the basis for exaltation or humiliation of anyone.

       All ethnic groups will be recognized and respected in Kazakhstan. The diasporas will have their own national and cultural centers, they will be able to maintain and develop their ethnic identity, while recognizing the primacy of Kazakh culture as a title, which gave the name and identity to the entire state. Just like the Tatars, Chechens, Yakuts, remembering their ethnic group, they consider themselves primarily Russians. Or how the French of Algerian, Moroccan origin consider themselves, above all, as French.

       The state language will be the Kazakh language.

       Any citizen in any organization serving the population will have the right and opportunity to receive service in the state language. Service in other languages ​​will be the right, but not the responsibility of the organizations.

       All state bodies will conduct meetings and records management in the state language. The state bodies will be obliged to submit documents and answers to letters of citizens in the state language. At the request of citizens, replies to letters may also be submitted in Russian during the transitional period (3 years).

       In public schools in primary classes, instruction will be conducted in the Kazakh language. In the middle and senior classes – in Kazakh, Russian and English. The number of classes in Russian will gradually decrease (6-7 years). This is not an oppression of the Russian language, it is a reduction of its state subsidies. Citizens wishing to learn Russian or any other language will have the opportunity to teach them in non-state schools, courses and circles.

       Nobody will forbid anyone to talk among themselves in Russian or any other language. Harassment by language is punishable by law.

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