Nationalism is love for one’s nationality, the desire to develop a culture and language, to honor its history.

I respect healthy nationalism, regardless of where it comes from. If a Russian Kazakhstani speaks their native language, reads Pushkin and Dostoevsky, plays the balalaika, or celebrates Maslenitsa, I see nothing wrong with it. If a Kazakh of Chechen nationality speaks Chechen, remembers their ancestors, and dances the Lezginka, I also see nothing wrong with it.

But patriotism, that is, love for one’s country, should be above nationalism. Both Kazakhs and Russians and Chechens, if they are citizens of Kazakhstan, should equally honor the history and culture of our common Motherland, and know the state language.

If that’s the case, then representatives of all nationalities in Kazakhstan are my brothers and sisters. We are one family! Any of them is closer to me than a Kazakh with a Russian or American passport.

But if a Russian Kazakhstani dreams of moving to Russia, doesn’t want to learn Kazakh, doesn’t think it’s necessary to know the history of Kazakhstan, and doesn’t connect their future with this country, then they cannot count on my fellow countryman’s feelings. They’re just a temporary resident on our land.

Fortunately, the majority of patriots in Kazakhstan are of different nationalities.

I believe in them!

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