-Are we obligated to know our language? I will not learn the Kazakh language. Why do I need it? There have been no scientific discoveries made in it. There are no world literary masterpieces in it. I will not do international business in it and will not earn millions. Why should I learn your Kazakh language?

-Tell me, is your father a rich man and did he give you millions?


-Is your mother the most beautiful woman in her circle?

-Well, probably not.

-And are there many Nobel laureates and great scientists in your family?


-So why don’t you turn away from your parents and relatives and are not ashamed of them? Why don’t you dream of another family? Are considerations of benefit and perspective appropriate when thinking about relatives? Your native language is not needed for wealth and fame. It is simply given to you at birth. If you feel part of your family, people, or country, you should know your language. You should know your culture, your history, your traditions. And for the sake of profit, wealth, and fame, you can always learn other languages.

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