– Dad, here you are teaching me to be noble. And what is this, in general, nobility? What does it mean to be noble?

– You know, son, I don’t remember what they write about it in dictionaries, but I personally deduced for myself this formula: nobility is not using one’s advantage to the detriment of other people.

– How is that?

Let me explain it to you better with examples.

When a newcomer came to your class, and all the classmates began to find fault with him, mock him, and you did not use superiority over the newcomer, did not offend him, but on the contrary, defended him in front of classmates, at that moment you acted nobly.

Or imagine a situation where some bully terrorizes you for a long time at school, and then your older brother catches him after school and brings him to you, holding his ear, and says: “Beat him, how he beat you!”, and you don’t beat the bully, but tell him: “Now do you understand how unpleasant it is? Don’t bother your classmates anymore!”. And then you ask your older brother to let the bully go. At that moment, you did not take advantage of your superiority and let the offender go. You did a noble thing.

Another example. When a guy stays alone with a girl and does not take advantage of her helplessness, does not use force to master her, then he acts nobly, like a man.

When a man marries, usually his wife and children are dependent on him. A noble man will never raise his hand against weaker family members, will not offend and humiliate them, because it is clear that they are powerless before him. A noble man will not take advantage of this.

When a person becomes a boss, then all his subordinates become dependent on him. And at this moment, a noble person will not use his official advantage. He will treat his subordinates as equals. He will never allow himself arrogance and swagger.

Dislike of gossip is also one of the signs of nobility. When someone says bad things about another person in his absence, the gossip takes advantage of his advantage, because the one he is talking about cannot object to him and refute him. Therefore, a noble person will not say bad things about people behind their back. It is better for him to tell the truth to his opponent’s face or to keep silent at all.

It is also easy to recognize a noble person by his behavior in relation to the service personnel. For example, when a customer is in a restaurant or in a hotel, the waiter and the maid serve him and are dependent on him. A noble person will never take advantage of this advantage and will not show arrogance towards them. On the contrary, he will behave respectfully with them, as with equals.

Often a noble person can be seen in the sports arena. For example, when a football player accidentally touched an opponent and he fell, the culprit often gives the victim a hand and asks for forgiveness. At this point, the apologizer is in a dependent position. If the victim is a noble athlete, then he will never push away the opponent’s hand, but will shake it and forgive. Or it happens that a boxer wins a convincing knockout victory over an opponent. A noble person will not revel in his victory by humiliating his opponent. He will shake the loser’s hand, hug and thank him for the fight.

Even in an extreme situation, for example, in a war, a noble person will prove himself by not mocking prisoners and not shooting at an unarmed person. The enemy can be destroyed in battle, you can be captured and court-martialed, but you can not humiliate, maim and kill when he is unarmed.

If you look closely, you yourself will find in life many examples of the nobility of people, son. And you yourself will have many opportunities to show this quality.

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