It seems to me that some of our women have a one-sided understanding of emancipation, i.e., equality of men and women in rights.

For example, some women do not yet have children or already have grown-up children and do not work, spend their time visiting beauty salons, shopping, and meeting with friends; in general, they parasitize on their husband’s income, and at the same time demand equal rights with men. They want to be provided with an apartment, a car, expensive clothes, jewelry, and money for travel, but they don’t want to work. They believe they have the right to have all this simply because they are women.

This is what “equality of rights between men and women” looks like to them.

American and European women understand emancipation slightly differently. They do not want to be financially dependent on men, so they work themselves, manage their budget, do not allow men to pay for them in restaurants, and share the burden of household chores and child-rearing equally with men. They remember that equality of rights with men also means equality of responsibilities with men.

What is your opinion? Which approach is correct?

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