I must confess.

     I have one characteristic that scares me. It seems to me that it is abnormal.

     The fact is that I do not like dirt and mess.

     No. This is not what the others have. Many do not like dirt at home, in their office, in the car. I do not tolerate dirt even in public places.

     I’m ashamed to admit, but in a public toilet I can pick up a napkin thrown by someone on the floor with a clean napkin. I can water the other’s snot in the sink with stupid frenzy until I wash it away. I can open the sink in the toilet of the plane and wait until all the dirty water comes out from the previous passenger. I can wipe the table in the restaurant myself, without waiting for the waiter.

     This is my illness.

     Why am I doing this? I do not know.

     I even wanted to go to a psychiatrist, but recently a friend of mine went to Japan and told me amazing things. It turned out that the Japanese have a rule: “Leave the place cleaner than it was before you.” There are no cleaners in the schools. Each student cleans his class and corridors after classes. They say that even in large companies, it is not a shame for the president to take a brush and sweep up his office (imagine the head of the Kazakh national company with a brush in his hands). They also say that after sports matches, spectators go in rows and collect garbage, which someone accidentally dropped in front of them (and now remember our cinemas after the end of the film).

     So that’s where my illness comes from!

     It was not for nothing that it was found out that we share similar genes with the Japanese.

     Apparently, some gene accidentally passed to me.

     But now I know that I’m not sick.

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