I noticed that during the dispersal of demonstrations and suppression of riots in European countries, policemen do not touch journalists.

          I think this is the right thing.

          When the police does its’ work honestly and professionally, it has nothing to hide from the cameras, that is, from the public. If the policeman has wrung the hands of the hooligan who threw stones, smashed windows of cars and shop windows, he is right. He does his duty – he protects us from these hooligans and should not be afraid to be sealed. But if the policeman breaks the cameras of journalists, puts the reporters in the prison, it means he has something to hide. He feels that he is wrong. That’s what the police aggression against the press means.

          Our policemen should also be given a clear setting: they should not interfere with the work of journalists under no circumstances, because those are the ones who inform the people about the truth about your actions and will show that you acted correctly. Elimination of witnesses always means that you are doing something illegal.

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