Do you know what a terrible thought I realized today?

Here I have a neighbor living in my entrance, a frankly pro-Putin comrade. He has a St. George ribbon in his car, he supports the war in Ukraine on social networks and believes that Russia is defending its interests there before the West, that it was forced, that if it were not for her, then her, etc.

And I am for Ukraine, for freedom and for the civilized world.

Everything would be fine, perhaps we will live with him for many more years and will say hello, pretending that we do not read each other on social networks. But if it happens that Russia comes to Kazakhstan to “defend the Russian world”, then my neighbor and I will turn out to be enemies and will fight against each other. And even, perhaps, in some battle we will meet him face to face, and I will have to shoot him, or perhaps he will shoot me. But I know his children, and he knows mine. Our wives communicate. We put a yurt in the yard together on Nauryz, we fried shish kebab together.

Can you imagine? I can’t believe it! This is terrible! And Ukrainians are experiencing this horror now. How does it feel to shoot your neighbor from yesterday? Or your hairdresser, a baker in a nearby store, a work colleague?

In the meantime, I live side by side with a neighbor and say hello when I meet.

God grant that our diametrically opposed views do not have to be defended not on social networks, but with weapons in their hands on the streets of our hometown.

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